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Roofing in Wexford

Whether you own a residential or commercial building in the Wexford area, you need to make sure that your roof is secure. You may not realize it but the roof is one of the most important pieces of any building as it is the first line of defense against the elements. And because its primary function is to provide protection, it’s only natural that your roof will wear down over time. If left unattended to for a prolonged period of time, the damage done can be incredibly costly.

Because of how quickly a roof problem can go from minimal to bad to worse, it is so important to be able to call roofing contractors you know and trust. If you are in the Wexford area, it’s worth your while to call (724) 612-8058 and get in touch with Totin Too, LLC, Wexford’s most reliable roofing contractors.

Thanks to our extensive experience working on both residential and commercial roofs, we guarantee to deliver on all our promises including to always use the best quality materials when working on your roofs and working efficiently without ever compromising quality.

To get a free estimate on our roofing services, feel free to give us a call today.

Residential Roofing

You work to provide a roof over your family’s head, but what can you do once it fails you? The easy answer is to get in touch with us and let us do what we do best. Having spent so much time in the roofing industry, we have become extremely adept at repairing, replacing and maintaining all types of residential roofs in the Wexford area.

By in large, most Wexford homes use some type of asphalt shingle roofing. Like with any type of roofing, the single most important thing you can do to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment is to provide it with regular maintenance. Even if there are no outward signs of obvious damage, allowing our qualified and insured staff to conduct inspections is what will keep it in healthy condition and protect your home from serious and preventable damage.

If you haven’t had someone conduct an inspection on your home’s roof in quite some time, give Totin Too, LLC a call today and we will gladly take a look and conduct any repairs as necessary.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is a much more complicated task because there are so many different roofing systems that commercial buildings use all over Wexford. Not just any roofing company can handle your commercial roofing needs. You need one that knows their way around some of the most common roof types, including built-up roofs, single-ply TPO, EPDM systems, metal roofs…and that’s only naming a few.

Our greatest asset is our experience because we have come to learn all major commercial roofing systems inside and out. So, whenever they require maintenance, repairs or replacement, we can get the job done with ease.


When it comes to parts of your home that are underrated, very few come close to your home’s roof. Most people don’t pay that much attention to what is going on with the outside of their homes. It’s pretty difficult to get a close look at your roof by just standing and looking at it from down below, which makes it even harder to monitor the condition of your roof and, as a result, many people adopt the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. The important thing to remember is that this is a very risky mindset to adopt.

Being a responsible Wexford homeowner means making sure that your roof is inspected on a regular basis. If you want to make sure that this is the case, then you need to contact us at Totin Too, LLC today. The benefits of regular roof inspection, maintenance and restoration are as varied as they are long-lasting. Four of the most important reasons for doing so are as follows:

  • Longevity: Given the changeable weather systems we regularly encounter in Wexford, it makes sense that you should have your roof restored at least once every couple of years. The combination of hot and sticky summers with non-stop rain and heavy snowfall during the winter means that your roof is likely to take a serious battering. This weather weakens the structural integrity of your roof and your home, and although it is unlikely that this will see your roof cave in today, it could lead to serious problems in the future. Having your roof restored regularly can help remedy this problem in an efficient and effective way.
  • Prevents Leaks: The longer your damaged roof goes without repair, the greater the likelihood is that you are going to experience a leak which will majorly inconvenience you and your family. You don’t need us to tell you that if water does manage to seep into your Wexford home, it could cause the growth of mold and mildew on your walls and ceiling. When this happens, a bucket is not going to fix these problems! Instead, having your home’s roof restored and inspected on a regular basis is the only option.
  • Improved Safety: With proper restoration materials in place, you can make sure that your roof will remain safe and protected from harsh winter weather conditions for longer. This translates to improved structural integrity for your home and better safety for your family. The simple fact of the matter is that a proper roof needs regular maintenance and other restoration work like sealing and high-pressure cleaning. To do this, you need to enlist the services of a tried and trusted roofing team you can rely on—Totin Too, LLC is that team.
  • Cost-Effective: With Totin Too, LLC in charge of your roofing needs, you can save money on further repairs. However, the more you leave these problems unattended, the more you will jeopardize your home’s integrity and your family’s safety. With timely repairs and restorations in place, you can save money and expenses on energy bills, as well as roof repair bills, leaving you more money to spend on yourself!

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